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Quality Inspection
Under strict supervision, our natural materials go over a rigorous process to obtain the best, high-quality herbal supplements any herbal extract industry can offer. From raw materials to the finalized processed powder, we take pride and attention in the operations and dynamics of each natural herbal extract.
Collection of Raw Materials
Because of our location in what is considered to be the "cradle of the Chinese herb", between Qinling and Daba Mountains, our products come from non-polluted and fresh soils.

Moreover, it is nature itself that provides the best and purest quality ingredients of the supplement and dietary industries. That being, as a competitive leader in the natural herbal industry we delicately choose fresh, precious ingredients coming from green earth.

"With US, YOU will get the BEST herbal products and supplement extracts."
Product Process Supervision
Every step we take complies to international regulation and standards that follow specific procedures such as: preparation, extraction, concentration, chromatography, crystallization, spraying and drying, evaluation, and packaging. To provide and keep our quality management process, BestHerb US urges its factory to utilize advanced, state of the art production equipment and cutting edge QC testing facilities. Which involves a 300,000 thousand degree purification station, that meets GMP sterility production requirements.

Our commitment to excellence and adherence to stringent quality control measures ensure that our customers receive premium extracts for a wide range of applications. With the perfect blend of traditional wisdom and modern expertise, our team diligently works to produce herbal extracts of exceptional purity, potency, and consistency.